Bailey Bridge Project in Cambodia

Installation of Bailey Truss

The bailey truss must be hoisted in place according to the order of first middle and then both sides. Two lifting points must be set during the hoisting of a single group of bailey truss, and they should be evenly distributed to keep the balance of bailey truss beams in the hoisting process, so as to avoid distortion stress in the hoisting process. After all erection of the beret frame is completed, 12cm*15cm square wood will be laid, and the horizontal and vertical spacing of the full hall bracket will be constructed according to the special plan of the full hall bracket.


Bailey Bridge Installation Sequence

1.Open frame program should follow the “top-down, after a first” principle, namely the first jacking, make sill plate, flange plate bottom die and the beam body separation, reoccupy cranes so removed, and then dismantle scaffold board, bracing, brace, after a small bar, bar, stud, etc (the removal of general order: a safety net to the railing – bottom die – scaffold board, shears brace – small pillars to the ledger, poling).

2.Forbid separate face disassembly or stop disassembly at the same time in high and low two steps, to achieve a clear step, a bar a clear, when dismantling the pole, to first hold the pole and then open the last two buckle. Remove the big horizontal bar, oblique support, hinge shear support, should first remove the central fastener, and then hold the central, and then solve the end buckle, sectional removal of the height difference should not be greater than 2 steps, such as the height difference is greater than 2 steps, should temporarily add oblique support reinforcement.

3. The stability of the removed rear frame body shall not be damaged. If necessary, temporary support shall be added to avoid deformation.

4. Remove the square wood and bamboo rubber board. The square wood and bamboo rubber board shall adopt manual notification method to report to both sides of the beam body, and the slide shall slide to the upper air. The slide shall adopt the bowl clasp bracket to set up. When sliding the square wood and bamboo rubber board, there shall be a safety officer to monitor them.


Bailey Steel Bridge Features

Bailey bridge is one of the most popular Bridges in the world. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient transportation, rapid erection and easy decomposition. At the same time with a large bearing capacity, strong structural rigidity, long fatigue life and other advantages. It can be composed of various types of temporary Bridges, emergency Bridges and fixed Bridges for various purposes according to the actual needs of different spans. It has the characteristics of few components, light weight and low cost.

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