Building Details

Learn more about the building details and choose your best option.

Building Details

Learn more about the building details and choose your best option.

Prefabricated Steel Building Details

The parts of a steel building include: Wall cladding or sheeting, Roof cladding or sheeting, Rake or gable Trim, Eave Strut, End-wall Girt, Sidewall Girt, Purlin, Rigid Frame, End-wall Frame, Portal Frame, Framed Openings, X-Bracing, Roof X-Bracing, Ridge Cap, Valley, Multiple-Span Columns, Mezzanine Joists & Mezzanine Floor Decking, Doors, Windows, Cranes, Lighting Fixtures, etc.

Building with pre-engineered steel structures has many benefits. Whether it’s structural integrity, design, or quick construction, QHHK Steel Buildings can provide the right building for your project needs. QHHK is the expert building supplier for commercial buildings, commercial garages, storage buildings, industrial buildings, agricultural farm buildings, and institutional and government projects.

The company supplies prefabricated metal buildings worldwide. With over 2280 steel structures and metal building kits delivered across the globe over the past twenty-three years, you can rest assured that QHHK Building is local to you. All metal buildings supplied by QHHK Steel Buildings are expertly designed and engineered to your specifications by our steel building team, which is locally licensed in all countries.

Our buildings meet the International building code requirements, and all US and European standards building code requirements. All QHHK Steel Buildings are 100% pre-engineered, no cutting or welding is required in the field. We do the work in the factory so you don’t have to! This precision ensures ease of erection on site, no matter how small or how large your structure is, it simply bolts together.

To learn more about our steel building systems, or see more sample projects in your area, please call 86 13804050369. Call us today for a free estimate and get started on your next metal building project.

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