Container House

Korea Prefab Room For Planting Vegetables

Project Information Project name: Korea Prefab Home for Planting Vegetable Project type: Modular Home Project time: August, 2015 Address: Korea Introduce This project is not a standard container house, it is specially designed by us for customers, and its size is 6058*2488*3405mm*6sets. And because the house will be used for vegetable planting, we have done special heat preservation

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Laos Container house

Project Information Project name: Laos Container House Project type: Container House Project time: July, 2014 Address: Laos Introduce 32 sets of standard container houses and 8 sets of containers for toilet and shower room. The project is a duplex container house for staff accommodation. There are 8 sets standard containers and 1 set toilet container

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Philippines Container Hotel

Project Information Project name: Philippines Container Hotel Project type: Container Hotel Address: Philippines Introduce 1. Fireproofing is more than half an hour, and its insulation performance is superior. 2.For the location of the rain is more, the collection and processing of rainwater is comprehensively designed, and the key is waterproof and leak prevention. 3. The construction of

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Kazakhstan Contianer Room

Project Information Project name: Kazakhstan Contianer Room Project type: Container Room Project time: May, 2016 Address: Kazakhstan Introduce Located in the easten mining area of Kazakhstan , in order to solve workers’ accommodation problems, Kazakhstan conducted mining camp housing cooperation project with China which realizes maximum capacity of 1000 people with an area of about 35,000

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Venezuelan Container House

Project Information Project name: Venezuelan Container Home Project type: Container Home Project time: June, 2012 Address: Venezuela Introduce The project is a container home community in Venezuela, which contains basic venues for activities. Some houses adopt a double-stacked design. Quick construction characteristics of container house The simple construction method and construction technology of the building modular composite wall are easy

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Dominica Container House

Project Information Project name: Dominica Container House Project type: Modular Home Project time: 2017 Address: Dominican Republic Introduce Since the container house was used in the earthquake-prone section of Dominica, the customer chose our high-strength steel frame container house to ensure the safety of the house. Overall seismic performance of Modular House Compared with ordinary brick-concrete buildings, the

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Singapore Temporary hospital

What is container house? The container home is an environmentally friendly building system, which saves construction time, flexibility, and can be moved to where you need it at any time is its biggest feature. Container houses can be connected to form larger-scale buildings, so they are also called modular houses. Application example – Singapore Modular

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