Project Information

Project name: Chile Modular Home

Project type: Modular Home

Address: Chile


This project is a modular house community in Chile, with a total of 56 modular houses, with a total cost of approximately 160,000 USD. The contract was signed in March 2014 and the project was completed in August 2014.

design of Chile modular home (3)

Excellent economic benefits of modular houses

The cavity modules used in building modular composite wall construction have a complete range of types, accurate geometric dimensions, low material loss, and cost-effective building energy-saving system. The engineering construction cost is basically the same as that of traditional brick-concrete buildings, but due to the excellent thermal insulation effect, energy saving and optimized combination And no subsequent maintenance costs, the annual use cost can be saved by more than 35%, building modular composite wall buildings, without increasing construction costs, the use of advanced technology, cost-effective building seismic energy-saving technology can increase the service life of energy-saving houses And extend the use time of suitable living temperature.

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