China Railway 24th Bureau of Lianzhen Railway Bailey Steel Bridge Project

Bailey Steel Bridge Beam

Bailey piece of channel steel chord by two 10 (back), on the lower chord, how block welding steel plate with circular hole, in strengthening the chord and bottom chord from and double-deck truss connecting bolt hole, within the upper chord and four bolt holes for connecting racks, between the two holes is for double row or more rows of truss with internode connection. The two holes at either end are internode connections. When using multiple rows of Bailey for beams or columns, be sure to reinforce the joints of the upper and lower sections of Bailey with a support frame. On the lower chord, there are four transom spacer plates, and a mortise on the upper part is provided to fix the position of the beam on the plane. Two elliptical holes are also provided on the channel steel web at the end of the lower chord for connecting the anti-wind tie rod. Beret pieces are made of no. 8 i-beam. Beret joists in process: upper trusses for assembling three rows of double deck Bridges; structure. When installing the upper trusses on the assembled lower trusses, the trusses lifted from outside the bridge should be first placed on the bottom beam. Since the trusses have been used at the beam ends of the three rows of Bridges, the joists are used to connect the long beams to meet this requirement.


Bailey Steel Bridge Beam Matters Needing Attention

1. When in use, insert it into the web of the beam and fix the tail on the bolt. Two joists are required to install one piece of the truss. There are many ways to set up the prefabricated highway steel bridge trusses, such as cantilever ejecting method, floating erection method, and local assembly method, usually using cantilever ejecting method.
2. When using cantilever to push out the bridge, rock roll and flat roll are pre-arranged on both sides, and most of the components of the bridge are assembled on the push out bank roller; then, with human or mechanical traction, the bridge is smoothly and slowly pushed forward to the opposite bank. This method is simple and quick to construct, but it should be noted that the center of gravity of the bridge should always be pushed out after the shore rock before the front of the bridge reaches the shore rock, so as to prevent the bridge from capsize in the river.
3. To ensure the center of gravity of the bridge after the introduction of shore rock, the beret piece is to assemble several additional trusses at the front of the main bridge, known as the guide beam. Only trusses, beams and wind-resistant tie rods are installed on the guide beam. No longitudinal beams and bridge slabs are installed. When the bridge is pushed out and in place, the guide beam can be removed.

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