32 Questions You May Ask

1. Is the product safe and stable?

Our professional designers have 30 years of design experience in the National Design Institute. They can design the plant suitable for the customer according to the local environmental factors such as wind load, snow load, rainfall, and seismic level. The design memory and drawings will be provided to the customer together, and the steel structure has a service life of at least 50 years.

2. In areas with heavy rain, does the maintenance material have waterproof and soundproof functions?

We have a wide range of maintenance materials for our customers to choose from, such as insulation, waterproofing, sound insulation, fire resistance, and other basic functions.

3. Can you accept third-party inspections?

Quality is always the soul of our company, we do the full inspection in fabrication and finishing to keep the quality of the products, of course, the third-party inspection is available if required.

4. What are the advantages of this product?

The steel structure system has the advantages of lightweight, factory manufacturing, quick installation, short construction period, good seismic performance, fast investment recovery, and less environmental pollution. Compared with reinforced concrete structures, it has the unique advantages of “high, large and light”. In the global scope, especially in developed countries and regions, steel structures have been applied reasonably and widely in the field of construction engineering.

5. Can you provide architectural and structural design drawings?

How about detailed drawings?
Yes, we have the professional design engineers to help clients providing the architectural, structural and detailed drawings for free.

6. Can you provide installation instructions and on-site installation services?

Can you send the engineers overseas to guide the installation?
Every project will provide the installation instructions, the on-site installation services and engineers are available if required.

7. Do you have your own quality inspector? Is there a CWI?

Yes, each process has a corresponding quality inspector to carry out strict quality control on the products. We also have CWI on-site to ensure the quality of the product. Each production process has a test report and a quality control report for the product.

8. What is steel structure manufacturing process inspection procedure?

Steel structure inspection includes all tests and inspections of steel structure raw materials, welding consumables, weldments, fasteners, welds, coatings, and other materials.

9. Quality inspection/third-party testing available?

Yes, our company implements a strict quality control system, and all products must be inspected by inspectors during production and processing. Of course, third-party testing can also be carried out according to the requirements of customers. Welcome to visit and check.

10. Can the product be customized?

Yes, the prefabricated steel structures can be customized as your requirements.

11. What is the grade of your steel, other standard steel available or not?

Commonly used materials are Q235, Q345(Q355), other standard material also available

12. What kind of material is the product, can you make other materials?
China America UK
ASTM A36/A572
13. What are the advantages of your product compared to other suppliers?

Our raw materials are sourced from state-owned enterprises, like An Steel.
Our welding process is according to the American Standard.
The products are tested according to the American standard.
At the same time, we accept third-party inspection of customers to ensure the quality of the products.

14. Are you a factory or a trader?

We are a manufacturer factory and welcome to visit our factory, even on holiday.

15. How many years has your company been established?

QHHK has 23 years of experience in prefabricated steel structure field.

16. Where is the factory Location and scale of the factory?

15. How many years has your company been established?
QHHK has 23 years of experience in prefabricated steel structure field.

16. Where is the factory Location and scale of the factory?
We are in China’s heavy industry production base, Liaoning Shenyang Free Trade Zone. The factory covers an area of 80,000 square meters.

17. What’s your Factory capacity?
With advanced equipment and employee efforts, our capacity is 40,000 tons per year.

17. What’s your factory capacity?

With advanced equipment and employee efforts, our capacity is 40,000 tons per year.

18. Have you participated in an exhibition?

Participated in Qatar, Oman, and Mexico Steel Structure Exhibition

19. What’s the delivery time?

Delivery time depends on the order quantity, generally speaking, around 500 tons/5000 sqm steel structure building needs 23 days after receiving the deposit.

20. Do you have a product brochure?

Yes, can be downloaded from the company’s official website.

21. Can you provide materials for European standards or other national standards?

Yes, American standard, European standard, Japanese standard, and other national standard steels are available in the steel market, we can buy the required material and then make fabrication.

22. Can you design according to other national standards?

Yes, we have professional design engineers to help clients do the design according to local standards.

23. How long is the useful life of your product?

Steel structure can be used for 50 years.

24. What is your regular packaging?

Container and pallet

25. Is it possible to add a customer company logo on the package?

Yes, OEM and ODM are all available, and all the products and packages are customized.

26. Do you accept the FOB / CIF terms?

Yes. Usually, we use FOB or CIF terms, if you have other requirements, we can use other trade terms according to your requirements.

27. Can you provide products that use LCL?

Yes. We have a cooperative freight forwarding company that can meet the needs of our customers. At the same time, we don’t have strict requests for the number of products ordered, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

28. Is it possible to do LC?

Yes, usually the payment terms are T/T, and the L/C payment method can be adopted according to the actual situation.

29. Success case?

Please check this → Summary of overseas cases

30. What currencies are accepted?

RMB, USD, Euro, CAD, AUD, etc.

31. Offer certificate of origin / FTA?

Yes, can provide relevant documents according to customer requirements, such as the general certificate of origin, FTA, etc.

32. Embassy certification invoice/certificate of origin?

Yes, we can provide embassy certification invoices, certificates of origin, and other documents to help customers carry out domestic customs clearance operations.

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