What is container Hospitical?

Container hospital is a fast-deployable complete set of field mobile medical platform with medical shelter as a carrier and integrated medical and medical technical support functions.

Container hospitals are generally composed of medical functional units, ward units, technical support units and other parts. It is a modular sanitary equipment with multiple functions such as emergency treatment, surgical treatment, and clinical testing.

Application example – Germany Container Hospitals Case

There are 1,045 intensive care beds equipped with ventilators in major hospitals in Berlin. Even if there is no need to treat severely ill patients with new coronary pneumonia, about 80% of ventilators are already occupied by severely ill patients with respiratory diseases. In order to free up more ventilators to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia, the hospital had to postpone a large number of operations. In addition, since many exhibition construction service providers have lost their jobs due to the epidemic, they will also actively participate in the construction of container hospitals.

The customer purchased 20 sets of container houses from our company for hospital construction, and completed the construction of the hospital within 30 days.


Fast and flexible to assemble, secure and safe: It is prefabricated in the factory and can be assembled and used directly on site

Noise insulation: Good airtightness between steel components ensures noise isolation

Waterproof and fire prevention: Different specifications of composite panels can be used to effectively heat and fire, and waterproof and moisture-proof

Cost-effective: Fast and easy installation greatly shorten the construction time which reduces the costs

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