Bailey Bridge

Henan Construction Case of Type 200 Bailey Bridge

How to Construct Bailey in the Upper Part of Steel Bridge

Bailey Bridge, after the completion of the bridge assembling piece can be assembled truss bridge piece, when assembling two truss pieces first Yang head (or Yin head) on the last section of Yin bridge head (or Yang head), connected with peg, outside and in connected with the nose frame truss, the installation of a truss and the adjacent two pieces at the top of the upper chord of truss piece installation support frame, temporarily not tighten, a temporary framework.
Install the beam in front of the vertical rod in the truss segment, clamp it with the beam clamp, install the second beam in front of the rear end vertical rod, install the third beam behind the front end vertical rod and install the diagonal brace on the second beam at the same time. Then install the inner row truss of the second section of the bridge, and at the same time install the anti-wind pull rod in the first section of the bridge. When installing the outer row truss of the second section of the bridge, tighten the support frame, beam fixture and anti-wind pull rod of the first section of the bridge.


Except that a beam is installed behind the vertical rod at the front end of the first section of the truss (to prevent transverse deformation at the end of the first section of the truss due to the tension of the wind-resistant pull rod, thus avoiding difficulties in the installation of the beam on the end column), the beam is only installed in front of the middle section and the back section. All other sections of the bridge shall be assembled in accordance with the same procedure of the second section.
In the process of bridge promotion, the method of “push and push” is adopted, and the center of gravity of the bridge is calculated at any time during the process to ensure that the center of gravity falls behind rock and roll. When the bridge is launched, the force must be uniform, the speed is slow and steady, and the vibration of the suspended part is reduced. The direction of advance should be strictly controlled, and special personnel should be sent to check. If any deviation is found, it should be corrected immediately. Especially when the bridge is easy to turn near the equilibrium point, the beret can use the method of moving the tail to correct the deviation and alignment.

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