Hubei Province Yichang County Double Row Bailey Bridge

How to Combine Bailey Sheet with Steel and Wood Structure

Bailey piece of channel steel chord by two 10 (back), I chord, how piece of steel plate with circular hole, welding, upper chord is enhanced and supply chord and double-deck truss adjacent bolt hole, in the bottom chord and another for adjacent supporting frame with four bolt holes, bailey pieces pin is the two holes in the middle of the double row or multiple rows of truss with adjacent internode. The two holes at either end are internode adjacent.
In the field construction and steel and wood structure cooperation, beret plate installed in the pier after the removal of the formwork and concrete reach 25 ~ 30Mpa, can be installed. Tower crane and chain link are used for hoisting. After the beret pin is inserted, the safety bolt shall be inserted at the same time to prevent the pin from falling off. After all beret pieces on the same side are installed, install the upper and lower reinforcement chord. When installing the reinforcement rod, it is necessary to place the bolt orifice plate of the chord on the bottom surface so that the nut of the chord connecting the reinforcement rod and the truss chord will not be exposed. Finally, 2[10 channel steel is used to drill holes according to the spacing of bailey plates, and all bailey plates are bolted to the holes of the support frame to enhance the transverse stability.


Curing Method of Bailey Tablets

1. Observe whether all kinds of pins, bolts, beam clamps and wind-resistant tie bars of Beret are fully assembled, and whether there is any man-made damage or loosening, so as to ensure safe passage.
2. Check the foundation of Beret steel bridge regularly for non-uniform settlement, and deal with it timely if found.
3. Grease the pins to prevent rainwater from getting into the pinhole gap, and grease all bolts exposed thread to prevent rust. The mid-span deflection of a bridge is often measured to see if it has increased at a rate that corresponds to the wear of pins and pins.

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