India Bailey Steel Bridge Project

Bailey Steel Bridge Features

Bailey bridge is one of the most popular Bridges in the world. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient transportation, rapid erection and easy decomposition. At the same time with a large bearing capacity, strong structural rigidity, long fatigue life and other advantages. It can be composed of various types of temporary Bridges, emergency Bridges and fixed Bridges for various purposes according to the actual needs of different spans. It has the characteristics of few components, light weight and low cost.

Bailey Steel Bridge

Bailey Bridge Structure

1. The Truss
The truss is composed of the upper chord, the lower chord, the vertical rod and the oblique rod welded together. The end of the upper chord is provided with the Yin and Yang joint, and the joint is provided with the truss connecting pin hole. Channel steel truss chord is made up of two 10 (back), on the lower chord, how block welding steel plate with circular hole, in strengthening the chord and bottom chord from and double-deck truss connecting bolt hole, within the upper chord and four bolt holes for connecting racks, between the two holes is for double row or more rows of truss with internode connection, depend on both ends of the two holes is cross internode connection. When multi-row trusses are used as beams or columns, the joints of the upper and lower trusses must be reinforced with support frames. On the lower chord rod, there are four transom spacer plates, and the upper part is provided with a tenon to fix the position of the beam on the plane; two elliptical holes are also provided on the web of channel steel at the end of the lower chord rod for connecting the anti-wind tie rod. The vertical rods of the truss are made of 8# i-steel, and there is a square hole on one side of the lower chord of the vertical rods, which is used for the beam fixture to fix the beam.

2. Truss Connection Pin and Safety Pin
The connecting pin of the truss is used to connect two adjacent trusses. At one end of the taper there is a small hole for inserting the safety pin.
3. Strengthen the Chord
The material, section and upper chord of the truss are the same structure and ratio of the upper chord of the truss. One reinforcing chord is heavy and two chord bolts are connected to the truss chord.
4. String Screw
Bolt M36×18, material is 16Mn, shear resistance is 150KN, tension is 80KN.
5. Truss Bolts
The connection of the lower truss above is longer than the chord bolt, and its structure is the same as the chord bolt.

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