Jiangsu Province Nantong Bailey Bridge Project

Daily inspection Instructions for Bailey Frames

1. Observe whether all kinds of pins, bolts, beam clamps and wind-resistant tie bars of Beret steel bridge are fully assembled and whether there is any man-made damage or loosening to ensure safe passage.
2. Check the foundation of Beret Steel bridge regularly for non-uniform settlement, and deal with it timely if found.
3. Around the pin grease, in order to prevent rain into the pinhole gap, all bolts exposed thread should also be coated with grease to prevent rust.
4. Often measure the bridge mid-span deflection, to see if there is an increase, the increase in deflection speed should be with the pin and pin hole wear.
5. Check whether the bridge panel is cracked, deformed or uneven, and replace it if necessary.


Installation and Removal of Bailey Bridge

1. Workers entering the construction site must pass the three-level safety education and can operate only after passing the education.
2. During operation, protective gloves, non-slip shoes, safety helmets, safety belts and other safety protective equipment above 2M shall be worn correctly.
3. Construction climbing operation (special type of work), must be trained by professional safety technology, pass the examination, holding a special operation certificate to work, not (special type of work) without consent shall not be carried out alone.
4. Installation and disassembly personnel must pass a physical examination. Those suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, dizziness, insufficient vision and unfitness for mountaineering shall not be engaged in mountaineering.
5. Operate according to the construction plan.
6. Installation and disassembly personnel must hang the safety belt according to the working requirements on the height.
7. Complete no-load and effective overload test must be carried out after assembly, and lightning protection device must be installed.8. During installation and removal, personnel are strictly prohibited to cross under the frame.
The removal of Beret Bridge should be carried out from top to bottom according to the regulations, and the objects should be put down with corresponding safety measures. Any component should not be dropped at will. The work should be carried out in the direction of passing the acceptance inspection.

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