Kunming Zhengdazidu City

Project Introduction

Project name: Kunming Zhengda Purple Capital City

Project type: Multi-Building

Address: Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

The project is located at the intersection of the second ring road and gaoling road in the west of kunming city, with good location advantages.
The total investment of the project is about 1 billion yuan and the development cycle is about 2 years.

The detail of construction

Planned net land area: 18,440.09 square meters
Total building area: 168,753.2 square meters
Overground construction area: 138611.9 square meters
Underground construction area: 30,141.3 square meters.

Advantage of Steel Structure Building

1. Larger use space: with the same strength requirements, the steel structure can meet the requirements with smaller section and size, so as to provide more use space
2. Shorter construction cycle: steel structure processing is prefabricated in the factory, lifting and positioning on the site, the precision is easier to control, and the construction cycle is faster, there is no concrete curing link;
3. Environmental conservation: compared with steel bar binding, formwork erection and scaffold erection, steel structure construction can reduce a lot of manpower and material costs, and also reduce a lot of dangerous control points, which is very beneficial to save resources and safety control.

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