Project Introduction

Kuwait’s silicon technology chip production plant is divided into 101 factory area and 102 factory area. The 101 factory area covers an area of 103.2m×132m, and the 102 factory area covers an area of 112m×30m. The total weight of the 102 plant area is about 620T, including 48 steel columns and 590 steel beams. The total steel structural weight of the 101 plant is about 3500T, of which 350 steel columns and 3780 steel beams.
The plant site installation nodes are divided into: high-strength bolt nodes and high-strength bolts + welded nodes, high-strength bolt nodes are the main and secondary beam connection nodes; high-strength bolts + welded nodes are the main steel beam and steel column nodes, of which the main steel beam web The plates are connected by high-strength bolts, and the flanges are connected by welding. The installation period of this project is 60 days, which is an excellent project.

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