Project Introduction

Project name: Xianxian college light steel building library

Project type: Light Steel Building

Address: Guangdong JiangmenLiYue

Jiangmen Xinmin Primary School, as a benchmark primary school in the township area, has raised children’s reading to the strategic height of the school’s development. It has built its own library and equipped with features such as face recognition, providing children with a quiet and elegant extracurricular reading class. It must be completed before National Day in 2019, and a light steel villa construction factory with experience, quick construction and good engineering quality should be found.

The construction process

The main body of the steel structure building in the project shall be made of light steel with guaranteed thickness and quality, and the door shall be made of tempered glass. As a representative project of the campus construction, the college must ensure the quality of the building and the personal safety of students. The library requires the shape to have the smell of books and beautiful lines. The surface treatment technology of metal materials requires rustproof and durable, with thick brown and red atmosphere, which also reflects the steel structure architecture art of academy school.

Customer Evaluation

After signing the contract, our company immediately set up a team for design, rapid production and delivery, and arranged an experienced installation team to install on site. This project used prefabricated steel structure, and all the installation and testing were completed in just one week, which was highly recognized by the owner.

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