Panama Steel Structure Bus Terminal

Project Introduction

Panama Bus Terminal Project is a Panamanian government project. It is a people-benefiting project of Panama to improve the transportation level in the north and south of Panama City.

QHHK provided the steel structure and transportation services for the project which is expected to be completed in 2024.

Through our official partner in Panama, SYSTENGER (, we’re thrilled to announce the progress in assembling the metal structure for the bus interchange at Villa Zaita station, a pivotal element of Panama Metro’s Line 1. This endeavor, benefiting over 300,000 individuals from the northern region of Panama Province who rely on this mode of transportation, highlights our collaborative efforts and Systenger’s unwavering commitment to excellence in execution.

Panama Metro

Project Design

The Panama Bus Terminal is in the shape of a “U” as a whole, with two floors, the passenger floor and the security check floor. Passengers enter the station from the lobby and undergo security checks, and then enter the boarding platforms for different destinations.
The subway station is equipped with an elevator for passengers to travel between the boarding level and the security level.

Project Manufacturing

The Panama Bus Terminal is a relatively complex type of steel structure building and uses many types of steel components. Different from conventional steel structure warehouse and workshop components, in addition to the most common H-shaped steel beams, the Panama project also uses grid-type components and steel columns. From December 2023 to March 2024, QHHK successively completed various steel structure components of the Panama Bus Terminal project.

Project Delivery

The Panama Bus Terminal project will begin shipping on February 29, 2024. A total of 17 vehicles were shipped in this batch. The main steel components include H-shaped steel beams, support columns, roof steel frame purlins, metal gaskets and other accessories.
Each batch of steel structural components is specially customized with a steel pallet to carry it. The steel pallet is equipped with 3-6 sets of steel wheels to minimize the difficulty of loading and unloading by customers.
When packaging steel structural components, soft cardboard spacers must be used at each fixed point, and wooden stakes are used to divide each steel structure to minimize damage to steel components during transportation.

Bus Terminal Installation

On May 2024, the Panama Bus Terminal project began installation. At present, part of the main steel frame installation has been completed.
Let’s visit the installation site together.

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