Panama Steel Structure Warehouse

Panama Steel Structure Warehouse is a manufacturing project undertaken by QHHK in 2023, with a total area of 3,000 square meters.
The customer had been in contact with us before 2023. In 2023, the customer put forward a demand to build a steel warehouse. After negotiation, the customer placed an order in June 2023, and QHHK immediately arranged for the factory to process and manufacture the project.

In July 2023, we completed the shipment, and the customer received all components of the steel structure in late August.

The customer said: “QHHK is very popular in Panama and they have undertaken a lot of Panama projects. It is very easy to work with QHHK. They take care of all aspects from design to delivery. They even help me purchase my installation tools. Maybe that’s why we all trust them.”

Panama Steel Structure Warehouse

At present, the installation and construction of the warehouse is nearing completion. All the main steel beams have been installed and the installation stage of wall and roof panels has entered. We mark the components with numbers on the installation drawings, and also mark the numbers on the finished components to maximize customer installation convenience.
The customer requested that the steel structure be sprayed with blue topcoat, and the finished components are very beautiful as a whole.

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