QHHK Project Services

QHHK Project Services

Prefabricated Building Project

When you hear the name QHHK Steel, it’s only natural to think of steel buildings. However, our pre-fab steel buildings, as strong, convenient, economical, versatile, and energy-efficient as they may be, are only part of the QHHK story. We also offer a full range of expert “Design/Build” general contracting services for any of a multitude of diverse projects.

Whether your plan is to construct storage warehouses, manufacturing workshops, agricultural breeding buildings, hangars or garages, special or comprehensive sports venues, office or hotel multi-high-rise buildings, retail or large commercial shopping malls, large-span exhibition halls, solar energy carports, or churches.
QHHK has the expertise, experience, creativity, and capabilities to oversee your project from concept to completion.

We can build for any purpose: business, storage, automotive, marine, heavy equipment to garden tools, agricultural, equestrian, aviation, worship, education, manufacturing, and housing. You name it, we can handle it.
We always pay attention to the space utilization performance inside the building. QHHK professional engineers help you plan the best internal structure and determine the most economical amount of steel to save you money.

steel warehouse building

There are two ways smooth routes to your QHHK custom building:

1. One-Stop Project Service

If you only have an idea, we will help you realize it.

QHHK provides one-stop project services. We have the ability to provide professional overall solutions, from project consultation, structural design, component manufacturing, packaging and transportation, installation guidance, sheet and door and window supply, supporting facilities procurement, and maintenance guidance.
We have independent design, manufacturing and testing departments, as well as complete project planning solutions and guidance documents to realize each customer’s ideas in a cost-effective manner.

Lower time cost. QHHK has its own factory. We are the original manufacturer and can achieve one-on-one project docking with any user without any communication barriers. And we can directly purchase any required supporting facilities for you, without you having to spend time looking for suppliers again.
We have strict processing cycle planning for each project, and it only takes 45 days from design, manufacturing to delivery.

Lower project costs. QHHK directly gives customers the factory price without any middleman fees. We have designated suppliers of steel, roof wall panels, doors, windows, cranes, and lighting fixtures. As a bonus, because QHHK purchases steel components in volume, we qualify for special discounted rates from suppliers. And unlike many companies these days, we pass those savings on to you.

QHHK provides online full project cycle services. If you have any ideas or questions, you can contact us at any time. We can assist with applying for construction approval, guide the installation process, and teach you how to maintain it.
We face and serve customers around the world, and any port we can call at is our market.

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2. Design/Build General Contracting

If you are a contractor/broker and only need steel frame components, please provide complete design/construction drawings, and other steel structure requirement information.

QHHK provides the highest quality products. Our steel is purchased from China’s steel origins – Benxi Iron and Steel and Anshan Iron and Steel. Before the raw materials enter QHHK’s production workshop, our quality inspectors will strictly inspect each steel plate. We have the most complete production line workshop in China. From steel plate cutting, welding, grinding, to spraying, every work process is completed by professionals who have passed Chinese technical certification.

QHHK provides the shortest lead time. Before processing, we require that there must be construction schedule planning and processing standard specification documents. QHHK must be equipped with 2-3 quality inspectors to monitor the production status and control product quality and processing efficiency.

QHHK provides production visualization services. We will synchronize the production results of each stage with customers through pictures, videos, or online video calls. We sincerely invite customers to come to China to visit our enterprise and see the production process.

We provide packaging and shipping services. With 23 years of accumulated experience, QHHK has professional bundling and coating protection packaging technology for completed steel components to maximize the delivery of steel components without damage. And we customize steel component pallets for you to facilitate your unloading and protection.
You can specify, or we can find a logistics company for you.

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