Shandong Rizhao 200 Type Bailey Bridge

Construction Process of Bailey Bridge

1. The nose frame shall be installed first in the construction of Beret Bridge. Installation of the nose frame of Beret piece: the beret truss shall be assembled on the rock which is pushed out of the bank.
2. The Yin and Yang heads of the trusses of Beret Bridge must be the same. Put the first beam behind the front vertical bar, and put two rows of holes in the bottom surface of the beam into the bolts on the bottom chord of the two trusses.
3. Install the second section of the truss, and at the same time, install the beret on the truss beam of the previous section. Install the upper beam behind the vertical bar at the front end of the second section of the truss, clamp it gently with the beam clamp, do not tighten it for the time being, and then tighten it after the diagonal brace on the beam is installed.
4. Install the third-section truss of Beret Bridge, install the wind-resistant pull rod on the first-section truss panel, and install the diagonal brace on the beam of the second-section truss panel. To install the nose frame in turn, a total of four truss members shall be installed as the nose frame.


5. Hoist traction is introduced for the bridge. During the traction process, unified command, consistent steps and coordinated operation should be carried out.
6. After pushing the bridge to a certain position, remove the nose frame, push the lower chord of the bridge with the jack, check the Beret plate and tighten all the support frame, beam clamp and wind-resistant tie bar.
7. Lay longitudinal beams, bridge panels, steel plates, etc.
In addition, it is necessary to guard against the bolt failure of accessories of Beret Bridge, such as not too much tightening force during assembly, to prevent uneven force, the diesel engine’s connecting rod of more than a minute level, the maintenance can not frequently change different levels and different types of connecting rod.

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