Project Introduction

Project name: Shanghai Huangpu Pharmaceutical Group

Project type: Workshop

Address: Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Central Business District

Construction scale: the plant is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide, with a total height of 6 meters and a total construction area of 800 square meters.

The construction period of this project is 35 days, the designed service life is 50 years, the seismic level is 8, the fire level is 4.

The construction process

Design basis: this project is a newly-built production workshop of ibeehive steel structure is designed according to the site of its factory, especially steel structure. The company also requires a large span, which is convenient for production.
Design situation: the steel structure of the workshop USES the door type steel frame structure, the connection point adopts bolt connection and welding, the foundation of the workshop is set up as an independent foundation, the foundation has the ground beam to connect all the foundation columns, the steel column and the foundation above the bolt, the span of the steel column is 6 meters. The steel is used as Q235B H steel for steel columns and beams.
The outer wall below 1.5 meters is the use of new brick wall, 1.5 meters is color steel tile with rock wool type, the window for plastic steel push-pull window, the door for steel structure sliding door, the use of 8*8*2 square pipe welding into the door frame form, the door inside and outside the use of color steel plate cover.

Advantage of Steel Structure Building

Steel structural members are easy to manufacture in the factory, the site assembly. It is the most industrialized structure with high precision, high production efficiency, fast assembling speed and short construction period.
Compared with traditional buildings, the steel structure can better meet the requirements of flexible space separation and improve the utilization rate of the area. Steel structure construction greatly reduced the amount of sand, stone, ash, the use of materials are mainly recyclable materials, will not cause construction waste.

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