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Sri Lanka, Colombo – On May 10, the first day of the exhibition, the Sri Lanka Building Materials Exhibition set off an unprecedented craze. A large number of construction industry players and designers gathered here to witness the future of the building materials industry. Today’s focus is on a special guest – the President of Sri Lanka.

The arrival of the President of Sri Lanka made the entire exhibition site excited. Mr. President, dressed in formal attire, walked slowly through the exhibition hall, accompanied by his entourage and bodyguards, observing each booth intently. However, when he walked to the booth of QHHK (a global building materials innovation company), his pace slowed down slightly and his eyes stayed on the booth.

Mr. President listened to the introductions of the exhibitors, asked questions from time to time, and showed strong interest in the product displays. He had cordial conversations with exhibitors and expressed his concern and support for the development of Sri Lanka’s building materials industry.

The QHHK booth attracted a large number of exhibitors, who gathered around the booth and communicated enthusiastically with the exhibitors. The booth displays a variety of the latest building materials products, from environmentally friendly materials to smart technology applications, all demonstrating QHHK’s leading position in the field of building materials.

“QHHK has always been committed to providing customers with the highest quality building materials products and solutions.” A QHHK sales representative enthusiastically introduced the company’s products to the president, “We not only focus on product quality and performance, but also focus on communication with customers. and work together to meet their needs.”

In front of the QHHK booth, construction industry players gave thumbs up one after another, expressing their recognition and appreciation for QHHK products. They believe that the innovative products displayed by QHHK are not only technologically advanced, but also outstanding in meeting market demand and environmental protection concepts, injecting new vitality and impetus into the development of Sri Lanka’s construction industry.

In general, today’s Sri Lanka Building Materials Exhibition is crowded and lively. The QHHK booth, as one of the highlights, attracted the attention and attention of a large number of exhibitors, demonstrating its strong strength and innovation capabilities in the building materials industry.

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