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23 Years of Industry Experience Accumulation

23 Years of Industry Experience Accumulation

QHHK originated in 2000, that  is one of the only companies on the market to control the entire process of supplying steel buildings from the initial sketch of the client’s idea on paper to manufacturing to complete the building assembly, so it can effectively guarantee quality at each stage of the supply.
23 years of accumulation have enabled QHHK to have the most complete building system and the most scientific overall plan.
For 23 years, We always insist on saving cost and time for our customers. Let customers be 100% satisfied, and 100% assured.

2280+ Completed Projects Experience
2280+ Completed Projects Experience

QHHK serves global clients, offers flexible solutions, and boasts 2280+ completed projects worldwide.
Our reputation extends across various regions, including New Zealand, United States, Canada, Congo, Panama, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and beyond.
As a trusted name in the industry, we ensure the smooth completion of your building with our reliable expertise. Choose QHHK for dependable results.

15+ Million ㎡ Of Completed Building Area
15+ Million ㎡ Of Completed Building Area

Since 2000, QHHK has completed construction areas of more than 15 million square meters, covering industrial, commercial, agricultural, and sports building types.
QHHK always attaches great importance to the utilization of internal space in buildings, and its flexible spatial structure planning is deeply loved by users around the world.

Export More 40,000 Tons Of Steel Structures Annually
Export More 40,000 Tons Of Steel Structures Annually

QHHK exports more than 40,000 tons of steel structures every year, excluding roof wall panels, doors and windows.
QHHK has an independent steel structure manufacturing factory, 2 complete production lines, and more than 380 workers at most.
We have 2 brother companies that have been in the business for more than 15 years supplying panels, doors and windows.

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