Tieling Heavy Machine Tool Plant

Tieling Heavy Machine Tool Steel Workshop

Project Introduction

Tieling Heavy Machine Tool Plant is a local project to be designed, manufactured and installed by QHHK in 2023.

Project location: Tieling, Liaoning, China
Structure type: single slope structure
Building use: machinery manufacturing workshop
Building area: 1500 square meters
Workshop size: 70m long*20m wide*22m high

QHHK’s steel structure factory is also located in Tieling City, so we are very convenient in project docking. The project was entirely contracted by QHHK from design, processing to installation.

Tieling Heavy Machine Tool Plant

Project Details

The main business of Tieling Heavy Machine Tool Plant is mechanical parts, machinery, and machine tool processing. We have carried out professional structural design based on the functionality of the workshop to match the mechanical processing technology. A main operating platform mezzanine and 4 auxiliary operating platform mezzanines were added to the structure.
In order to cooperate with the operation of the crane, the overall building height of the workshop was increased to a rare height of 22 meters.
There is an existing workshop on one side of the new workshop, so the new workshop adopts a single-slope structure to better cope with rain and snow weather.

At present, all steel workshop building components have been delivered to the construction site for installation. The steel frame installation is expected to be completed in June. Let’s look forward to the final result.

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