Project Information

Project name: UK Holiday Container Villa

Project type: Container Villa

Project time: December, 2015

Address: UK

UK Holiday Container Villa


The 7*20ft container is combined into a building, including 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, and 1 living room.

Wall panel: 100mm PU sandwich panel + steel keel + 27mm PU embossed sandwich panel

Floor: 100PU insulation + fiber cement board + laminated wood floor

Window: double glazing

Door: insulated steel door

Power and plumbing: CSA standard

drawings of UK Holiday Villa Container House

Design of Container Villa

Wind load: q=0.55kpa

Floor live load: 4.8kpa

Roof live load: 2.0kpa

Seismic load: Rd=1.5 Ro=1.3

Standards: CAS A277-08 procedure certification of buildings

drawings of UK Holiday Villa Container House

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