Basic Information

Project name: Wuhan Century Home

Project type: Multi-Building

Floor number: 11

Address: Wuhan City, China

Project Description

All adopt the industrial technology system of Hangxiao steel structure housing industrialization, in which the outer wall is 200 mm thick, which meets the energy saving requirement of 50%. The compartment wall is 90mm, the wall thickness is reduced, and the area used in the sleeve is increased; the column section is mainly 350*350mm, and the maximum span is 8.5 meters. This project has been listed as “Science and Technology Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Construction (Energy Saving and Land-saving Construction)” “. The project has become a unique selling point of the building due to its high technology content, excellent thermal insulation, energy-saving, seismic safety, and simple design. It was sold out soon after opening.

Advantage of Steel Structure Building

Steel structural members are easy to manufacture in the factory, the site assembly. It is the most industrialized structure with high precision, high production efficiency, fast assembling speed and short construction period.
Compared with traditional buildings, the steel structure can better meet the requirements of flexible space separation and improve the utilization rate of the area. Steel structure construction greatly reduced the amount of sand, stone, ash, the use of materials are mainly recyclable materials, will not cause construction waste.

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