xian bell tower plot

Project Introduction

Project name: Xian Bell Tower Plot

Project type: Multi-Building

Address: Xian City, Shanxi Province, China

The project is located in xi ‘an city, with a total construction area of 10584 square meters.
It has a 10-story frame structure, one underground floor and nine above ground floors.
The size of column net is 8.6 meters × 8.625 meters.

Prefabricated steel structure building

The Advantages of Steel Structure Prefab House

1.Large live load (the use or occupation load caused by the crowd, materials and vehicles applied on the floor structure and the natural load generated by nature) : compared with the single-story steel structure factory building, the multi-story steel structure factory building is far superior to the former, with the living load of 2.5-20kn /m2.

2.Comfort: the multilayer steel structure factory adopts the efficient energy saving system, which can effectively adjust the dry humidity and ventilation function of the air in the factory, and ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements of the factory!

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